A beautiful day in Dovre

Horses instead of muskoxes

Moskus skilt.jpg

What a beautiful and relaxing day.

We are the ones staying up late, being the last to wake up.  I still get surprised when I wake up and the other motorhomes has left the camping.  Opdal camping is great in many ways.  They have “wild” rabbits running around just everywhere; theyre hard to grab but not scared when you’ve done the effort.  As you see they also have pigs.  We left Oppdal camping at 12 o’clock, just when were supposed to either leave voluntarily or get kicked out 😊


The day was supposed to be about finding muskox in Dovre.  We started out from Kongsvold Fjeldstue, which is a great place for starting such an “expedition”.  The day  was hot and in the beginning og out "expedition" we found horses taking a nap.

Hester setra_350x263.jpg

After about 2 km walking in typipcal "mountain forest",  you’ll reach a plateau just above the forest border.  This is the first place to find muskoxes.  We didn’t not find any.  Instead we got surprised by a heard of horses.  They passed us and as you can see they were really friendly. 

Hester 2_600x315.jpg

Hester 3_600x345.jpg

Hester Randi_600x509.jpg

Hester Isabell_600x388.jpg

We walked about 6 km, and then found out that we didn’t bother to look out for muskoxes anymore.  The weather was fantastic, and we took a good and enjoyable break to eat and relax before returning down again.  All of us except Isabell has been here earlier and watched muskoxes, both big oxes and mothers with calfs, so we were not disappointed as such.  Maybe Isabell a little bit, but the rest of us enjoyed being surprised by horses walking free for themselves.  The smallest dog, Peter Pan , enjoyed his time being carried in my rucksack. 


Peter Pan_600x700.jpg

Our next stop was Åndalsnes.  Never been there before.  But what a fantastic place to drive to.  Passing the famous Trollveggen in a landscape of steep mountains; I was really overwhelmed why we haven’t taken our time to go here an experience this part of Norway.  Placing the motorhome in the camping in Åndalsnes we have the scenic spot of looking at the mountain “Romsdalshorn” lookin out from the front window of our motorhome.  It's just like being in the alps, except that we are camping not far from the sea.


We have become late dinnereaters.  Dinner and a shower, and we’re ready for tomorrow which is about changing a part of the exhaust system at a work shop.