Isabell Storheia 2019 nr 2


Takk Hadsel

8. september 2019 Les mer

Getting to the emergency ward

Testing Lysebotn Up

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24. juli 2019 Les mer

Old man, do as good as he can

Training can have consequences

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Already started testing

New sit-ski ready

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18. juli 2019 Les mer

Longing for mountains and Fleinvær

As days go by....


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Testing sitski, Tusenfryd and training

Testing a new sitski


16. juli 2019 Les mer

Uphill test and Hard Rock Cafe

Traditions must be kept


15. juli 2019 Les mer

The achievment of will - it can take you to the top

The day after Galdhøpiggen

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13. juli 2019 Les mer
på toppen_600x450

Galdhøpiggen - 2469 meters above sea level - everybody on the top

On top of Norway

på toppen_600x450.jpg

13. juli 2019 Les mer

Preparing for Galdhøpiggen

Just a day between


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