A day for a motorhome

It’s right what my daughter Isabell say’s; people in Meråker are genuin nice.  As the old lady living next to her stated as a question when I asked her if she could help me using her car to give me starthelp for our motorhome; if life isn’t about helping each other, well what is it otherwise about? 

The day started with phoning around to motorshops to find someone who could help us with the exhaust system.   I ended up in Åndalsnes at a professional workshop that knows what a Burstner 747-A on a Fiat Ducato chassis is all about.  Its 392 km from here, but they have the pars needed and will do it on Thursday.  That means new plans.  Tomorrow we drive to Oppdal at a camping there which we nearly always end up at with our motorhome.  Wednesday well take a walk in Dovre were many Norwegian trolls live.  We will go there to hopefully see some musc oxen.  Some family members have been there before; this is my third time. 

Having made some new plans, I called our oldest daughter Victoria.  We were supposed to have out two grand children the weekend 18-21.07.  With out holiday plans messed up we want to extend our holiday.  We made a deal with her.  We booked the oldest one, Birk 7, on a plane Monday 15.07 – and he will be joining us the rest of our holiday.  We’ll go were the wind takes us😊 and without thinking about time or when to arrive at home in Bodø.  That’s what I call a mindfulness holiday.

Today a workshop changed our battery for the engine.  What a relief to be able to start the motorhome again by itself.  Rand and I found ourselves a new little motorhome.  A BMW from 1959, today a collector’s car. 

Gammel bil.jpg

Randi and I went further down to Stjørdal.  Bought two new batteries for the living part for the motorhome and got a waterpump to get the taps working.  By the way.  If you deliver a motorhome to a workshop in September, and they use 5 months to get it done (the time to get spare parts for motorhomes is an issue of itself), you probably suppose that they assure that there is no water in the water tank since it during that time is winter with minus degrees.  Well they don’t.  So even though the motorhome is in the charge of the workshop, they don’t take care of it.  If you delivered it when its close to the end of the summer, they are having it to repair it for months, what happens is your problem.  I’ve learned my lessons with taps and pump being destroyed by frozen water.

During the day Isabell and Beatrice went to do workout at the gym at her school.  A workout carried out as planned and how especially Isabell is supposed to train.  She is a little bit stiff in her body, the spasm’s is on and off.  She has got herself a consultation with her chiropractor at Stjørdal tomorrow.  We have found out that she must use chiropractor and physiotherapist on a regular and planned basis.  The CP works continually in her body, and we must find all measures to try to optimize how to train and compete sitting.  The sit-ski in itself triggers spasms, which is a huge problem.  Related to a chronic state of fatigue which gives her a drawback, her energy level to perform becomes even lower when the spam’s start working. But in addition they make her muscles stiff, heavy and hurting.

Isabell og Beatrice.jpg

In the evening we travelled to the EU.  We went on a little shopping trip just over the border to Sweden.  It’s funny how we start buying because of lower prices.  Usually I return with lot of different sweets from Anthon Berg.  But now I’m trying to do low carbo and there is no place for sugar.