Holiday started

This years summer holiday in our mothorhome is finally started

Today we arrived in Meråker.  The place where Isabell take a part of her University degree to become a a bachelor in sports.   Many of Norways best cross-country skiers has been studying especially the high school at this place.

Now we have started our holiday in our motorhome.  We started out yesterday from our home in Bodø, and ended up around 11pm in Svenningdal camping south of Mosjøen.  We’re just one week late.  Yesterday we should have attended the wedding of one of my brothers’ sons, Øyvind, in Arendal.  But the start of the summer has not started out the way we wanted.  I was operated in my nose the 6 of June.  Sadly, I got what the call a post-surgical infection.  The nose is not the best place to have such an infection.  Last weekend I was isolated in hospital with antibiotics intravenously.  Friday I was given the permission to leave for holiday.  I still have an “open line” to the hospital if somethings unwanted develops.

Our motorhome has not been used since the summer of 2017, so we have some start up problems.  The batteries both for the engine and for the home part is done.  I need help from others to start it with cables, and the 12V doesn’t work for long time if the engine is off or if its not attached to 230W.  A part of the exhaust system broke and must be fixed.  It smells like shit inside the car because of the new biodiesel.  Biodiesel is more friendly to the environment, but it best to have an working exhaust system, as we hopefully will have in a couple of days.  By the way, the water pump for fresh water has frozen to a none working state together with one of the taps during the winter, but that’s just small things. 

This holiday we are going to Galdhøpiggen, Norways highest mountain.  Its said to be good weather this week, so we hope for a nice walk to the top of Norway.  During our holiday I’ll try to write “todays blog”, something I’ve promised myself to do for a long time (and tried to start once).  The reason for writing in English is that the blog is on, our family Web we want to develop.  Its just been there for some years, just by occasion.  Also Isabell has started to get international friends, and it might be an idea to tell what she is doing in a language her friends can understand. 

Well, for the second time I’ve started my dad blog, and hopefully this time it will last.  Pictures will be a natural part of the blog, but not today.