Just a day between

Preparing for Galdhøpiggen


Today was just a day between.  Started out in the morning to the work shop and got a the exhaust system changed at Åndalsnes Bilverksted.  Great work shop😊.  Since the headquarter of Kroken Caravan is in Åndalsnes, which is the ovner of Bodø Caravan – my motorhome and mine enemy – I went over and asked to speak to “big chief”.  I have earlier (18.01.19) sent them a mail about all the mess happening at Bodø Caravan with my motorhome and me.  He was a friendly person – invited me for coffee into his office.  I asked him why I had’nt got a reply from them regarding my mail, which he could not give an answer to.  He told me that it wasn’t their policy to not answer, so he would read it and reply.  At the same time he said that I might not get the answer I would like.  I replied that it would be fair enough, as that would actually confirm that they at least had read the mail and stated what they stand for in cases of matter for their customers.

Gathering the flock again, we started our drive to Otta and preparation for Galdhøpiggen.  But first we did a little break at Trollveggen.   That is an impressive mountain wall!   Beatrice and Maya agreed.


I also got a photo of my own genuine Trolls together with a model in some material.  I experienced it as a much more easy Troll to handle than my own ones.


At Trollveggen they also had a police car looking like out famous “Pele” from Bodø.  It sais Polis on its side, which indicates it to be of Swedish origin, and they had called it Knut!  Just can’t imagine what a child feels when someone tries to cheat them so gruesome 😊


At Sel, 10-15 km we arrived just after a car driving of the road.  We were car 6 or 7 from our side.  I stayed in the car since it was obvious that someone had taken control.  I don’t see any reason to make a place of an accident many people running around talking in the mouth of each other.  And I don’t feel any satisfaction looking at people being hurt.  The police, ambulance and fire department was really soon at the place.  Reading the news later it seems that none of the 4 in the car was hurt badly.

Arriving Otta we rented a car at Avis since I don’t want to drive “The Big One” on small mountainroads.

Tomorrow it is Galdhøpiggen – the roof of Norway – crossing glaciers from Juvasshytta.  We’ve changed our plans going from Spiterstulen.  We want to know the area and what we face, before we take Isabell on a more demanding “expedition”, maybe next year.