Leaving Meråker

Not quite holiday yet

This night was not the best one.  The alarm in the motorhome went of, several times early in the morning.  It reacts to a high degree of CO2.  We just can’t find out why, but can’t do anything else than turn it on again, just to be awakened again after 10-15 minutes.  It must be something happening when charging the batteries in the living part. 

Isabell and I started the day by driving to Stjørdal with different aims.  Isabell to the chiropractor, me to the police.  Isabell was told to by tennisballs to roll over her shoulder, and a ”roller” to use on the muscled of here back.  And a message to take it easy with training the upper part of the body the next days.  That should be safeguarded since we tomorrow will walk on musc oxen safari at Dovre, and the mountain walk to Galdhøpiggen is set to Friday.  That means rollerskis on Sunday, and back to ordinary training Monday.  Holiday is not off training.  The new plans also contain that we’re not going home before she is taking part in Lysebotn up, close to Stavanger/ Sandnes on the 01.07.19.  Lysebotn up is about 680 meters of climbing over a distance of 7,5 km..  This summer’s adventure.

My visit at the police station was to report that someone stole the front sign of our motorhome on the night to Sunday.  When we woke up Sunday morning at the camping in Svenningdal (https://no.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g3459031-d10778888-Reviews-Svenningdal_Camping-Trofors_Grane_Municipality_Nordland_Northern_Norway.html), someone had stolen it during the night.  It’s got nothing to do with the camping.  The married couple running it was nice and helpful people, and it was a nice place to camp.  You’ll find thief’s everywhere if you have what they want.  Went to the local station of Statens Vegvesen (The Norwegian Public Roads Administration) to get new ones, but they were closed this week because of summer holiday.  It’s holiday and summer, so closed government offices is nothing to stress about.

There has not been a day seens we left home we haven’t been doing some work with the motorhome.  Today I changed to tap’s destroyed by water freezing in them in the winter.  But as I stated at the end of my blog yesterday, I’ve learned that work shops does not have or take any responsible for motorhomes that they are reparing if winter comes and it is in their care.  I dont like to learn expensive lessons.

Ny vask_513x684.jpg

Today I also received the planeticket to travel to Harstad the 13 of august.  In the period 15-18.08 I will do my fourth year of voluntary work as a team leader during the Arctic Race of Norway (https://www.arctic-race-of-norway.com/en/) .  This year I’ve moved up from being a team leader of a sprint and its arch, to being in cgarge of the 10 km arch with all of it’s signs and planning.   It’s some days with hard work, but a lot of adventures.  As last year, having fun with the devil’s of both Tour de France and Arctic Race of Norway.

Arctic Race _768x1024.jpg

We left Meråker to go to Oppdal today.  This means passing an IKEA in Trondheim.  Some people in this family just must visit IKEA and eat there.  So then it’s just to make a stop. 


Driving to Oppdal from Trondheim has always been boring.  Don’t know why, but the about 120 km is the distance in Norway I find very little interesting.  Coming to Oppdal is always great.  My first stop is always the food shop COOP Mega – I always find some interesting food.  Except this time, we were to late for the fresh food counter.  As the food wreck I am I had planned to buy hot smoked salmon, but it must be next time. 

Somehow we always end up being the last ones to go to bed at camping places.  Oppdal camping is no exception.  It is a waste to go to bed before the last rays of the sun take the evening. 

oppdal camping.jpg