New sit-ski ready

Already started testing

fotosoot 1_350x397.jpg

Early morning – if you can call  0845 early – Isabell and me started out to Anders at Skeno to get the new sit-ski.  It now fits in all ways.  What is important is that Isabell can test it and find out how it works for her.  It’s weight is about 1 kg less than the old one that was the prorotype in aluminium the new one is based on.

Isabell had to do a photoshoot placed on the new sit-ski, with a very exclusive t-shirt that only two athletes have; The black t-shirt with Skeno written in red on the chest.The exploerboarded is sent with Isabell to test, it’s a prototype.


We also did a test with putting a hoop in the front part of the sit-ski to try to get a good position of how Isabell lies when shooting.  Isabells want to do biathlon – and has already attended biathlon competitions.  In addition Tora Berger – former World Champion and Olympic Champion in biathlon – trains her at Meråker.  The hopp did’nt work as such, but Anders had an idea about what is neede to make her have good lying position when shooting.


In the evening we went to Maridalen to test the new sit-ski.  The first test lasted for about 1,40 hour in an I1 trainingintensity, with some mixed feelings.  This was expected.  She sits otherwise than earlier and it triggers muscles in another way.  Isabells body is always sensitive to changes in movements.  She experienced to get more stiff on the inside of her tights – its probably because of getting less «hanging» forward and pressing hips and stomach kind of compressed together, instaed of now being more stretched and getting the upper body more straightened up.  However, she needs more time on it related to tell how it works.  With the old sit-ski she had a problem with hight difference when sitting.  The result was that Anders built it up on the right side on her seat.   This sit-ski represents a new generation that is suitable for may disabled and for different levels of ability to move.  One must remember that Isabell has other demands than those that are not at a top level.  She spends so much time on the sit-ski that it must be developed in a manner that does not contain possible negatve effects of wrong strains because of the sit-ski as such.  And tihis is how we find Anders developing good solutios.  Nevertheless, the sitski must represent a tool for the energy Isabell «puts» into it, related to use as little workingresources as possible to have the effect that it together with her technique optimizes speed in the right direction.

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Me, I ran 10 kilometers to get a good feeling into the body.  To run in the forrests on tracks and forrestroads is for me one of the best ways to train.  It makes me happy and releases endorfines.

The rest of the flock had a nice time exploring whats to look at in the upper part of Oslo centre today.  That of course includes buying and looking at clothes.    We as usual gathered for a late dinner – today salmon to keep the omega-3 levels intact.  Tomorrow it’s on the road again, leaving Bogstad camping and Oslo for this time.