On top of Norway

Galdhøpiggen - 2469 meters above sea level - everybody on the top

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Today was the day for really experiencing the highest mountain in Norway; Galdhøpiggen - 2469 meters high.  We started out from Otta at 0700.  Reaching the little village Galdbygde, we started to drive for real up into the mountains.  These mountainroads are spectacular and fun to drive.  Up at Juvasshytta we went a little bit further to Galdhøpiggen summer ski centre to rent hiking boots.   It is essential with good hiking boots that has good support, hard sole and keep you dry.  Crox is not to recommend, even though it has been used.  I used support bandage to help Isabells feet’s and ankles stay stable to prevent her stepping over.

Randi and Isabell started out from the summer ski centre.  We had done an agreement with Anne Wangen that owns Juvasshytta together with her husband, that we should start a little bit earlier to be sure that we reached the glacier “Styggebreane” (Ugly Glaciers), which you have to cross to get up to Galdhøpiggen.  It’s called Ugly not because it is so; in this context the local understanding is that Ugly represents dangerous.  Together with Beatrice and Maya I went to Juvasshytta to pay for being part of a guided tour and collect braces.  Guided tour is essential.  This glacier is as stated dangerous, and you don’t cross it alone neither up or down.  The price is fair.  We paid NOK 200 for renting hiking boots per pair, and the price for guided tour costed NOK 300 per person.  Here Beatrice and Maya is at the point of our departure; Juvasshytta.


We who started out from Juvasshuytta, wanted to catch up with Randi and Isabell as soon as possible.  Maya said I was more or less close to running.   We got together with them not so far from the glacier.  At the glacier we putted our braces on, clipped us into our place in the rope and the walk across the glacier was on.

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After the glacier we took a brake at the mountain shalf wich is the first part of the final tour up to Galdhøpiggen.


Much about walking up to Galdhøpiggen is about stone as you can see.  Well, close to everything is about walking on stone, except the glacier and the last part  up to the top, which consists of walking in snow.  The last part was really hard.  Beatrice and Maya was a good distance in front of Isabell and me, whereas Randi is maybe a little bit bad trained, so she was a distance behind.  Myself, I must admit that I,m in a bad shape after a tough year and a nose surgery with a post surgical infection that lasted for a month.  I really need to get in better shape if I’m going to be companion for Isabell the coming cross country season.  Isabell is, yes she’s the one and only Isabell.  She got up to the top, 650 meters up over 5 km in a terrain not very suitable for her to walk.  We were all satisfied with ourselves, and now we have been on Norways roof.  Up at the top there is a little cabin which you can see behind the posing pictures; first of me, then of  Isabell with Randi just behind her.  We also had a break inside of it.


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There was much girl power in this trip.  Isabell showed it at the top.  Beatrice and Maya by demonstrating an over the edge attitude :))

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The distance down was harsh for Isabell.  She has a god ability to walk upwards, but downwards is very problematic.  Crossing the glacier was very hard for her, I would say terrible.  How she was able to put one foot in front of the other was impressive.  But it is at high cost when it comes to using energy, to master pain and how the gait is affected.

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We got down again.  All of us tired.  But what a day.  Beautiful weather with much sun, we had reached the top and Isabell had achieved an important goal for her.

To do a perfect ending of a perfect day we went down to Lom bakery in Lom.  One of Norways best bakeries when it comes to bakery products made out of wheat dough.  Tomorrow Oslo and Bogstad camping is on the agenda.