The day after Galdhøpiggen

The achievment of will - it can take you to the top

girl power_600x800.jpgVID_20190712_150719.mp4VID_20190712_150719.mp4

Today has been more or less about nothing.  We started a slow day – the girls (especially Beatrice) was just lying in the sun.  Driving from Otta to Bogstrand camping in Oslo was just supposed to be a transport distance.  Having a break at IKEA outside of Hamar to eat salad for lunch, and stopping in Jessheim to by food for dinner before ending up in Oslo – that was what happened today.

However, I thought I should use todays blog to quite something else.  Isabell is diagnosed with CP, more accurate spastic diplegia which affects both upper and lower body.  She has chronical fatigue – which can be better described as having low energy in her body.  To do what most of us find a natural part of everyday life costs in all ways more energy.  If the normal situation is to have 5 as energylevel on a scale 1 to 5, Isabell never reaches more than 4.  In addition she very fast starts falling to a lover energylevel than 4 when using of her energy.  This is quite normal for a CP’er. 

One can ask, is really things with Isabell so bad when she can manage to walk to Galdhøpiggen.  Well, this is about using all your energy because you have set a goal about what you want to do no matter what.  The following video shows Isabell when crossing the glacier on the way back.  It is close to being flat.   This is about putting – or should I say dragging – her left foot in front of the right, the right in front of the left, and on and on.   If you follow the link you can see how this looks like, and how both of Isabells feets work.


I’m not sure that her doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors would applaud to what they see.  It is pain, but she breaks through it in her mind.   Her energylevel and ability to control her walking is close to being not able to walk.  I’m not sure a normal person is able to copy this way of walking; it’s like taken out of a horror scene in a movie where a person struggles to walk badly injured. But Isabell keeps on. So yes she’s able to walk to Galdhøpiggen,  even though she isn’t really supposed to be able to.  Its girls power for sure – been there; done that!