Traditions must be kept

Uphill test and Hard Rock Cafe


We found out that we needed a car to move around in Oslo.  It’s really difficult to rent a car from one of the big companies like Hertz or Avis on a Sunday or if you want it just now.  You have to show up at an office somewhere, and the car you get is expensive.  But I got aware of a new company; Hyre.  Hyre has car stationed around in Oslo.  You get the app, and then you can start.  The brilliant idea is that you use your mobile phone to do everything, also like opening and starting the car.  And also at a nice price; NOK 350,- + NOK 100,- in insurance.  So I just went down to the centre of Oslo, found the car through a very good explanation, and then I was having me a rented car.  I like°😊


Getting back to Bogstad camping with the rented car, Isabell and I drove off to Gjelleråsen outside of Oslo do a test run on rollerskis.  She also uses rollerskis on her sitski.  This is a test she has been doing the last few years with the recruit national team.  Last summer her time was 24.11 minutes uphill from Skjetten to Gjelleråsen.  This summer; 21.48 minutes.  Nice :))


Coming back to the camping it was time to do another tradition; Jumbo Combo at Hard Rock Café.  I’m a little sorry for Alexandra staying at home because of working in her holiday (and I also think kissing on her new boyfriend), but we prepared her as good as possible that pictures would come on the net with us eating jumbo combo 😊 Next stop downtown Oslo.  Find a parking garage.  Walk to Karl Johan, the main street of downtown Oslo: and straight up the stairs to the restaurant part of Hard Rock Café.  This is what three portions of Jumbo Combo looks like.


This is what it looks like after the battle.  I suggested that we asked for a doggy-bag for the salad and sauce left; claiming that we had dogs that only like salad.  It is however you see it a waste that there is so much salad left – but everyone was at this point stuffed.  


The food tradition of this trip is over – now its time for food to get thinner of – and more healthy of.  Even though I would say that Jumbo Combo is not the worst you eat.  McDonalds and Nutella is two levels up.  Randi has started to bake crispbread – lowcarbo.  Its OK to eat lowcarbo – but most crispbread you can buy with little carbo has more than 500 calories per 100 gr. - this little devils that always are finding even though I try to avoid them.  They even live in my closet at home; every night sewing making my clothes smaller.  Wifes crispbread with little carbo is less than 300 calories per 100 gr.. - hurray.