Training can have consequences

Old man, do as good as he can

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Sometimes you just fall out -and I did.  Thursday was the beginning of such a happening.  The day started real slow.  Taking life easy and delivering the car we had rented was close to everything being done before 1400.  We had decided that the day should be about going to Fredrikstad so that  Randi could visit her old godmother, aunt and namesister Randi (my wife has been given the name after her), before ending up in Tønsberg at my brother and his wifes home.  On our way to Fredrikstad we passed Lysaker, so Beatrice could go by train to Oslo Lufthavn and flyy to Bodø.  Her holiday was over – back to work.

When Randi was visiting Randi, Isabell and I were going to train at a gym, while Maya and Birk was just relaxing in the motorhome .  We did about one hour rather hard training.  My case was that I just didn’t exactly care that it was about two months since I had done work out in a gym.  As you will learn I had to pay for that.  Her is Isabell in action.

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We went back to pick up Rand, and we also spent some time with her godmother, before taking off to Tønsberg. Randis godmother is 89 years old and really nice to be together with.  We loose much in our lifes not having the time to be together with and taking better care of our oldest ones, but life with our children seems for most of us to pass just outside our door like a express train.  Just after having passed the Oslofjord with ferry from Moss to Horten, and on the road again, we were stopped by the police.  It seemed that it was a control that was a lesson for policestudents.  I explained why I didn’t have a number plate in the front, showed her the papers why, and everything was just fine.

Family is nice.  This evening was first Randis, then mine.  I had told my brother that we hadn’t had any dinner, so he and his family became late eaters this evening.  We arrived just before 2300, parked outside his house, and in to eat take away pizza.  It became a real nice but late night.  So no blog.

Friday morning I wokw up like a wreck.  All my muscles – every single one – were in pain.  I felt more or less like not wanting to lift a finger.  I swallowed a Vimovo (voltaren that is more nice to your stomach) and hoped for the best.  My work out the day before was real stupid – why don’t I never learn? I went into my brothers home at 1200.  It had been a hard night.  When you do such stupid training you also “damage” your waterbalance.  So I drank water and where peeing about each hour that night.  Well into my brothers house the best place to stay was in a really relaxing sofa they have.  But we couldn’t stay there to long, because my brother and his wife were going to Sweden for the weekend.  So after a late breakfast at the time people call lunch, we talked a little, took farewell and started for our next stop; outside of Risør.  The plan was to go to a zoo the next day at a place called Brokelandsheia.  The camping we stayed at – Risør Resort - was real nice one. We placed our motorhome just by the sea and we could just sit and watch swans swimming around – Maya and Birk was also bathing.  Isabell had to do her training.  She did intervals with her new sit ski and explorerboard.  The explorerboard worked just fine downwards with breaks, but she thinks it is a bit to heavy and rolls to slow.  It is ofcourse a big difference to rollerskis – will see how it works when having used it further.  The new sitski in general works fine, but there is one adjustments that must be done before she can really start evaluating.


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At the time she was training I felt that I was getting tired and my body started hurting more and more.  As usual having a late dinner – afterwords I took a vimovo an 1 gr paracet – added on with a beer, and felt asleep at once.  I woke up around 0100, really sweating and felt like having a flue.  My wife told me that I had asked her if it was very hot inside the motorhome.  Well I peed and went on sleeping.  To write a blog for the day was not even in my head.  I think this is being close to a zone that is no good.  Some people doing to hard workout end up in the hospital.  Luckily I woke up Saturday and felt very much better, even though some muscles still were in pain. 

Today we went to the zoo.  – The Little Animalgarden.  Some animals like goats and pigs are cultivated to be part of living “with” people.  However, kangaroos are for instance not.  It is an etichal problem for me to visit a zoo; it represents a huge attack on my values.  Why is it that we people put wild animals within fences or in cages to be amused?  Wild animals should live were they are supposed to be and in freedom.  I think I’ve visited a zoo for the last time; I’m not amused – on the contrary I feel sad because of the animals being put in a prison.  Look at this kangaroo - doe he or she seem to be having a good time.  I think it longs for something better than being put in prison.


Been there, done that – no more zoo’s, we drove on and up Setesdalen  - about 200 km - to a place called Ryssdal.  Also here we are staying at a very nice camping.  But the weather is nothing to really speak about.  It’s raining – a lot.  Tomorrow will probably go to Lysebotn.  It would be nice for Isabell to try a part of the trail Lysebotn up.  Now it’s time for a Vimovo and 1 gram paracet – and maybe tomorrow I’m back on track.